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Here to Help!

It can be intimidating to try new sofware because you don't want to invest a lot of time and money in a solution that ultimately does not do what you need it to do. The wonderful thing about our unlocked solution, is you can take it as a jumping off point and add what you need. If you're less inclined and want more help, our annual site license allows you to take advantage of our improvements, year over year, and experiment with the additions that all groups using Membership Keeper have contributed to the platform. Either way, I am here to help you succeed!

Membership Keeper has built in features to get your group up to speed quickly. Enter your group's name, address, logo and more in one location and it populates throughout the database and report forms. We'll work with you to get your data imported quickly, if you like. We have a variety of forms already made, just choose what works best for you. If you decide a customized form would work better, we may add it to our collection and lock it into your preferences so it is still there when you update.

Support Plans

For support, contact Integratis Inc., and let us know which option you prefer from the chart below. Both plans include demo and tutorial videos, FAQs, KnowledgeBase, email support, phone support by appointment, remote training by appointment and customization. We accept PayPal and checks.


10 hours for $1,750.00

Billed in 6-mintue increments, our Block of Hours plan may make the most sense for groups that are less familiar with working with Claris FileMaker® software and may need support more often.


1 hour for $225

By the Hour may make the most sense for groups that are familiar with Claris FileMaker® software. A training session or quick customization may be all you need to launch you quickly out of the gate.